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Here at Coffee and Crowns, we wholeheartedly believe in supporting WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS, and if nothing else, we all learned in 2020 how important it is to support small businesses. This page is dedicated to highlighting women who have turned their passions into brands.  You can read a little of their stories and connect with them below! 

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Designz By Dimplez LLC
Sheryl Johnson, Killeen, Texas

As a single mom of three, Sheryl spent many years serving others in the military. Before retiring from the military, she decided to turn her hobby of crafting into a business. These days, you can find this decorated veteran unleashing her creativity on mugs, shirts, and so much more!

Organic Hands Therapy Services, LLC
Brittany Montgomery, NC/SC

As a graduate of South Carolina State University with a Bachelor's degree in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology, Brittany was blessed to work as a Speech Language Pathologist-Assistant, teaching toddlers and elementary school aged children for 4 years. As rewarding as this was, she decided that she needed to fulfill her purpose in life, and returned to school, becoming a certified Massage therapist in NC and SC. What sets her apart from other massage therapists is that she brings her services to you! Contact her today for all of your therapeutic needs.

Wonder.Filled Collections, LLC
Deidre Dickey, Charlotte, NC

“A faith-based company producing products to inspire & encourage you to experience the wonders, the mysteries of God.” Custom Creations Filling Your Heart With Joy & Wonder!!

Higher Vibez
Candle Company & More
Tiffanie Jackson, Oklahoma City, OK

Tiffanie started her candle business in the Spring of 2020 at the onset of COVID. Being furloughed from her job during this time, she knew that she wanted to create a business that would allow her to leave a legacy for her children, as well as create something that would bring positive energy to any space. Whether it be for ambience or for smell, people gravitate to a nice candle. Tiffanie wanted peoples energy to remain positive and high during these times, and so Higher Vibez was born. Who doesn’t love candles?

The Rusty Barn
Kaleene Knight, Salisbury, NC

The Rusty Barn was inspired by Kaleene's grandpa, who passed away in 2014. As a kid, Kaleene loved playing with really cool buildings he he made- things like a church, cottage, a school, and of course a barn. Before he passed, he gave them to Kaleene, knowing how much she loved them. After he passed she and her husband would have talks about naming their forever home "The Rusty Barn", so that grandpa (whose name was Rusty), could always be apart of the family. When Kaleene decided to create her own company making items for people, it only made sense to keep the same name. The business is very much her heart, and she enjoys getting to share that with every person who buys an item. It is solely creations with you in mind.

The Sweet Box
Melisa Tate, Charlotte, NC

This business was truly born out of the COVID-19 pandemic! Melisa had a vision of baking goods for years, but was held back by fear. she knew her business name, and promoted herself to friends, but truly did not start putting herself out there until May 2020, when she made a cake for her daughter’s birthday and posted it. From that day, orders have continued to come in, and she has been stepping out on faith and pushing past fear since then!

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