When she opens her eyes, she sees herself differently…

Coffee and Crowns

Hey Queen.  Thanks for being here.  If no one has told you today, I need you to know that you’re special, you’re loved, and more than anything else right now… you matter.  I know that some days can feel so incredibly overwhelming. The demands on you, the decisions you have to make, the amount of care you extend to others- it’s a lot.  I see you smiling through the racing thoughts, trying to hold it together.  I see you fighting back the tears, on the brink of giving up.  Yet even still, I see you pressing, leaning into the worst of it, fighting not to completely lose the one thing that matters most… you.

Some of you may be reading this, thinking that this is such an odd introduction to a company.  You’re absolutely right.  It is.  It’s intentional.  It’s personal.  It’s… necessary.  For far too long, emphasis has been placed on what we do, without speaking to and truly discovering who we are; fearfully and wonderfully made women…. WOMEN. As in, “Woah, Man!” There really should be that much emphasis the word. We are, after all… royalty…. Splendid crowns in the hand of God.

Coffee and Crowns is an intentional venture, birthed out of pain, tragedy, healing, and triumph.  Here, we celebrate women. We guide women. We connect women.  We heal the girl, so that the Queen can rise- then we send her out to help others.  It’s so much more than fancy photos, or clever words.  We put our faith into action, and help you come up with actual solutions to the challenges of life.  We walk with you, support you, love on you, and teach you how to do the same for the next Queen! 

So… here we are. At the starting line.  Ready to empower, support, encourage, and connect!  Leave a comment below and let me know your 1st impressions!  While I can’t possibly promise to have all the answers, I can guarantee we’ll always work hard to create an open and honest atmosphere; celebrating your wins every step of the way.

Spirit & Truth,


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    We provide a safe space for women to connect and share resources. We believe it's important to know who God is, and how He sees you, in order to properly love yourself.


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